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I began my studies in electrical engineering and information technology in 2002 at ETH Zürich and finished by getting the M.Sc. degree in November 2007. The focus of my studies was on communication networks and their security aspects as well as security of operating systems in general. It was an honor to get the possibility to write the master thesis at the IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon under the supervision of Jan Camenisch and with the guidance of Dieter Sommer and Thomas Groß. The subject of the thesis was the analysis and implementation of theft and misuse protection mechanisms for anonymous credentials. The underlying anonymous credential system has been introduced by Camenisch et al. and is a means for privacy friendly and secure exchange of information. The privacy enhancement lies mainly in the minimisation of information that needs to be revealed to the communication partner. This is achieved by enabling selective disclosure of attributes and proofs (e.g., the Swiss government certifies that I am older than 18) about attributes. More on anonymous credential systems can be found on our IDMX blog or the cryptographic library can be downloaded from
The library used for the implementation was the Idemix library designed and largely implemented by Dieter Sommer. As a result of the thesis, different mechanisms for theft prevention and protection could be added. The current version of the Idemix library is available at It does include many features such as pseudonyms (for pseudonymous access to web sites), updateable credentials, or verifiable encryption. The theft prevention features will be added after a review of the code. In addition to the code, we provide a tutorial on how to get it running.
Due to the challenging work and the great atmosphere fostering collaboration and innovation, I applied for a research position and became a part of the security group in March 2008.